The Ultimate Betting Guide for South Africans

Welcome to the Ultimate Betting Guide for South African punters! We made this across the board virtual handbook to assist you with learning every one of the essentials of Sports Betting, Lucky Numbers and BetGames. With this exhaustive aide, our point is to acquaint you with the most well known types of wagering, where to play, and how you can begin today!

History of Legal Sports Betting in South Africa

Lawful games wagering in South Africa is somewhat new because of limitations that were set up for a long time before majority rule government. Under the National Gambling Act of 2004, arrangements were made for betting exercises with another arrangement of standards and norms presented. The National Gambling Board became answerable for the oversight and guideline of the betting business.

Nine betting sheets in South Africa have as of now authorized more than 32 sites where South Africans can bet lawfully. Any administrator with a permit conceded by the betting leading body of that territory are legitimately allowed to permit South Africans to play on their site. It is assessed that the online games wagering industry in our nation is currently worth around R800 million!

Sports Betting in South Africa

Sports Betting in South Africa is gigantic, the most recent couple of years have seen the business develop to where there are more than 30 bookmakers to look over in South Africa! In this segment we will take a gander at the why more punters are wagering on the web, how to open a games wagering record and all the other things you need to begin.

We’ve additionally covered a large portion of the best bookmakers in South Africa in our audit area, in the event that you’d prefer to discover more with regards to a specific wagering site. Each bookmaker has it’s master’s and con’s and we’ve put forth a valiant effort to track down awesome and most exceedingly terrible bookmakers in SA. We just suggest bookmakers who are authorized in South Africa so punters can wager with genuine feelings of serenity.

Wagering Shop versus Online Betting

It wasn’t too some time in the past that an outing to the sack was the solitary way you could get down a games wagered in South Africa. Physical bookmakers are still exceptionally well known among punters and keep a major portion of the games wagering market. In any case, with an ever increasing number of administrators presently authorized internet, putting down wagers on a PC or cell phone has become progressively well known among punters.

Information Free Sports Betting Sites

One more factor to think about when beginning to wager online is assuming you need to do as such information free or not. There are different Data Free Betting Sites in South Africa where you can wager without utilizing a penny of information. Anyway you will not have the option to play certain gambling club games or live stream matches on an information free site, which is no issue for avid supporters. As of now you can appreciate wagering information free at Betway, Gbets, World Sports Betting and Supabets.

The most effective method to Open a Sports Betting Account

The cycle for opening a games wagering account is genuinely comparative across most sites and expects you to follow these straightforward advances;

Stage 1 – Enter the web address for the bookmaker into your program. On the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea about the location you can generally Google the name and discover it from that point. Then again you can see our rundown of wagering destinations and discover one you like there.

Stage 2 – On the site’s landing page, look close to the upper right of your screen and snap the catch that says something like “Join currently!”, “Register” or “Open a record”.

Stage 3 – Fill in your own subtleties like complete name, address and phone number. Pick a username and secret phrase you will not effectively neglect! We suggest utilizing a protected secret phrase, to guarantee your record is protected.

Stage 4 – Check your inbox for an email requesting that you affirm your record. A few bookmakers might send you a sms affirming fruitful enlistment

Stage 5 – With your record affirmed, you would now be able to sign in and put aside your first installment.

Enlistment Guides

Betway Register Guide

Hollywoodbets Guide

Gbets Guide

Instructions to Deposit Money into Your Account

Keeping cash into your games wagering account is really simple. Your installment alternatives will rely upon the site, yet ought to incorporate charge and Visas at any rate. The best locales additionally permit you to store by means of EFT from partnered banks, from a web wallet, or with a voucher.

1Voucher is a generally utilized and acknowledged strategy for installment, and we prescribe it to punters who are hoping to put aside voucher installments.

Stage 1 – Visit the landing page of your number one games wagering site

Stage 2 – Log in to your record with your username and secret phrase

Stage 3 – Click the “Store” button (frequently at the upper right of your screen)

Stage 4 – Choose your store strategy and the sum

Store Guides

Betway Deposit Guide

Step by step instructions to FICA Your Account

Before you can pull out any cash from your games wagering account, you’re legally necessary to give the administrator a duplicate of your green South African ID book (or Smart ID card) just as a service charge (water/power record or bank explanation). This is by and large known as FICA.

A few bookmakers do make an exemption, permitting punters to pull out up to R3000 without the requirement for reports, anyway this is the special case as opposed to the standard. So it’s ideal to anticipate sending the necessary reports in at any rate, as you would prefer not to experience any difficulties with your withdrawals!

The service bill should not be more established than 90 days and ought to incorporate your complete name and current actual location. A few bookies offer a helpful assistance where you can photo the necessary reports on your cell phone and send them over Whatsapp. You can peruse our full FICA guide should you need to know more.

The most effective method to Get a Fica Bonus/Welcome Free Bet

Many games wagering destinations offer a FICA reward or a welcome free bet of between R10 – R100 once your own archives have been checked. This cash is added to your record balance as a thank you for taking the time and work to conform to the cycle.

To guarantee your FICA reward for checking your record, cautiously adhere to every one of the guidelines, else you may pass up a major opportunity! These offers are limited to new clients and typically require a little store in the event that you’d prefer to pull out the rewards.

You can get some answers concerning every one of the diverse welcome free bet offers accessible on our Fica reward page.

Putting down your first Sports bet

You’ve currently opened a games wagering record and expertise to store to begin putting down wagers. The subsequent stage in the games wagering venture is to put down your first bet. To do this you need to comprehend the rudiments of what you can wager on and how to put down a bet, all of which we cover beneath.

Which Sports Can I Bet on?

South African games books have a wide assortment of sports you can wager on, which incorporates horse racing, soccer, rugby, cricket, golf just as American games like NFL, baseball, b-ball, ice hockey and some more. A few bookmakers will offer games that others will not however all bookmakers will at the very least deal Soccer wagering.

What is a Sport Betting Market?

Wagering markets are the various sorts of results you can wager on for any game. Bookies offer anything somewhere in the range of 3 and 300 wagering markets on a match. The wagering market you pick will rely upon which result you need to anticipate. For instance, a soccer match will have various business sectors for the match result, all out number of objectives scored, genuine objective scorers, and some more.

Here are some well known wagering markets across a scope of sports including soccer, rugby and cricket;

Match Result – This is the most well-known wagering business sector of all. Select the group or player you think will dominate the game. In sports where a draw is conceivable, you can likewise wager on this outcome.

Point Spread – A point spread is utilized in sports wagering to “make everything fair” between two unevenly coordinated with groups. The bookmaker picks various focuses that can either be added or deducted to the last score contingent upon which group is the top choice to win.

Over/Under – Predict whether there will be pretty much absolute objectives, focuses, runs or attempts than the given number in any match. To win your bet, the match should get done with over/under your picked number.

Inside and out – Outright Betting is a drawn out wagered which includes picking the champ of a competition or series instead of simply a solitary match. For example, you may take a by and large bet on the victor of Wimbledon, the Ashes or the Rugby World Cup.

The most effective method to Place a Sports Bet

When you have a fundamental information on business sectors and what they mean it’s an ideal opportunity to get serious and put down your first games bet. Ensure you have a money or reward balance to put down your bet. Most bookmakers in South Africa offer a base bet of R1, which is the thing that we suggest beginning with until you are more certain. The underneath guide will help you in putting down your first bet;

Stage 1 – Log in to Your Account

Visit the wagering site’s landing page and sign in to your record with your username and secret phrase

Stage 2 – Find Your Match

Take a gander at the menu of sports accessible (as a rule on the left hand side of your screen) and snap the game you need to wager on. Whenever required, select your occasion/association/competition starting from the drop menu and afterward click on the particular match you need.

Stage 3 – Add Your Bet

On the primary screen there may be only a couple of wagering markets, for example, Match Winner and very little else. In case you’re searching for something explicit, click on the occasion for additional wagering markets. To add your bet, click on the chances to send that choice to your bet slip. Assuming you need to add more, continue to add wagers this way until you’re finished.

Stage 4 – Place Your Bet

Go to the bet slip (typically on the right hand side of your screen) and enter the sum you need to wager under “Stake”. Whenever you’ve entered your stake you would now be able to perceive the amount you remain to win. Assuming you’re content with the bet/s you’ve chosen, click the “Submit”.

The most effective method to Withdraw Funds from Your Account

You’ve had a decent beginning to your wagering and you account balance is looking sound, you’ll probably need to pull out your cash now. Before you can get cash out, your games wagering account should initially be effectively confirmed. See above ‘How to FICA Your Account’.

There are 4 normal withdrawal choices that you can use to cash out. The most widely recognized is the EFT, where the bookmaker pays the cash straightforwardly into your ledger. Different choices are ABSA Cashsend, FNB eWallet and Standard Bank cash send. On the off chance that you decide to pull out the bookmaker will send you a SMS with a code that you can use to cash out at an ATM.

Stage 1 – Visit the site’s landing page and sign in to your record with your username and secret phrase

Stage 2 – Click the “My Account” or “Profile” button (frequently at the upper right of your screen)

Stage 3 – Click “Pull out” and select the measure of cash you wish to take out (withdrawals are handled to a similar record you used to store and typically take 2-3 work days)

There are a few other withdrawal strategies accessible at chose bookmakers, so make certain to check what choices you have, to observe one to be that turns out best for you.

What Do Odds Mean in Sports Betting?

Before you bet cash on sports, it’s useful to know how chances work. Wagering chances disclose to you how possible an occasion (sports result) is to occur and how much cash you will win if your bet is effective. Chances are displayed as either portions or decimals yet they mean precisely something similar.

9/1 can be determined as 1/(9 + 1) = 0.10 – 10% possibility your bet will win

4/1 can be determined as 1/(4 + 1) = 0.20 – 20% possibility your bet will win

1/1 can be determined as 1/(1 + 1) = 0.50 – half possibility your bet will win

1/4 can be determined as 4/(4 + 1) = 0.80 – 80% possibility your bet will win

The simplest method to contemplate it is as per the following: 4/1 method for each R1 you bet, you will win R4. You generally get your stake back on winning wagers (displayed as “+1” above), so your all out return would be R5.

Some South African bookmakers utilize an alternate chances show that the others. Hollywoodbets for instance utilize a chances show of 0.5, which would be equivalent to 1.5 at Sportingbet or Betway. Also all bookmakers in South Africa will return your stake on winning wagers, it would be unlawful of them not to do as such!

What are the Different Types of Sports Bets?

Single Bets – These wagers include only one determination, and you win on the off chance that you surmise the outcome effectively. For winning wagers, you’re paid out when the result of your picked match is made authority.

Multibets (likewise called products, collectors or parlays) – These consolidate at least 2 determinations (for the most part from various occasions) into one bet for a greater payout. For multibets, each choice should win. On the off chance that any outcomes don’t turn out well for you, the bet loses and your cash is no more.

Framework Bets – For these wagers, not the entirety of your choices need to win to get compensated out. The sum returned relies upon the number of results turn out well for you. Framework wagers require a higher least stake than single or multibets, and somewhere around two determinations should win to get compensated out.

Pre-Match versus In-Play Sports Betting

Pre-match wagering is exactly what it seems like–putting down wagers before the beginning of a game, and was the lone type of wagering accessible until the last part of the 1990s. The principal bookies to present in-play wagering took wagers via phone while a game was at that point in progress, which has now developed today to be much more famous than pre-match wagering with the development of the Internet.

In-play wagering carries something else entirely with the chances continually changing as the match advances. In-play wagering allows you the opportunity to get serious about wagers you’ve as of now positioned pre-match or to wager on the opposite side in case things aren’t turning out well for you.

Wagering Promotions and Specials

Advancements and specials permit you to exploit improved chances, player specials and different sorts of novel wagering markets that aren’t generally accessible. A few models may be “Get your stake back up to R100 when one leg of your 5-leg (or more) soccer collector loses”, or “Chelsea to win and Giroud to score at upgraded chances of 7/1”.

Most bookmakers will run week by week specials just as fixed specials. There are so many various specials it would require some investment to peruse them! For accommodation purpose we’ve recorded the absolute best current games wagering advancements that punters should hope to exploit. The best specials to pay special mind to are consistently the Free Bet or Deposit Bonus specials, which as a rule come around during major games.

Versatile Betting

Versatile wagering takes the accommodation of putting down wagers online to a higher level, permitting you to back your group or player from your cell phone anyplace, whenever. A portion of our #1 games wagering administrators have versatile sites, while others have versatile applications you can download to make your wagering experience even more helpful.

Portable wagering applications as a rule have similar usefulness as sports wagering sites aside from they are extraordinarily intended for versatile use. In case you’re not yet wagering on your cell phone, you need to attempt it–simply envision constantly and cash you could save not making a trip to your neighborhood Internet bistro or bookie!

Numerous bookmakers are additionally offering Data free wagering on their destinations, Betway for instance permit you to get to their site and put aside installments and wagers all without utilizing any versatile information. Ideal for punters on a tight spending plan.

Sports Betting Apps

Wagering Apps are a well known device for some games bettors as they permit you fast admittance to your wagering account from your portable or tablet. There are a few South African bookmakers that offer a portable application to download, either from the Play store or by means of an APK. We’ve recorded the very best games wagering applications for your benefit. The establishment cycle is extremely straightforward and you’ll be wagering from an application in a matter of seconds.

Sportingbet App

Betway App

Sunbet App

Wagering Features

Wagering highlights like Cash Out and Edit my Bet are extremely well known as they give punters more command throughout their wagers than any time in recent memory. There are a few bookmakers that deal cash out, while different bookies may offer provisions like same match bet developer or halfway money out. These components are turning out to be more boundless and we suggest utilizing a bookmaker that offers any of these elements.

How Cash Out Works

Alter my Bet Explained

Where Can I Get Results For Sports Matches?

Whenever you have your wagers down, you may be pondering where to discover results for every one of the games. While it’s not generally conceivable to watch the game at your nearby bookie, in a bar with your companions or at home on TV, you can generally discover match results on the web, even while the games are as yet progressing.

Flashscore is our #1 games results site with past and live outcomes for soccer, rugby, cricket, horse racing and then some. On Sportingbet, you can observe live games on record as long as there’s cash in your record and you’ve been dynamic as of now. World Sports Betting additionally have an extraordinary live streaming element where you can watch and wager on chose matches.

Most bookmakers likewise have an outcomes segment that you can utilize, however these aren’t extremely easy to understand which is the reason we like to utilize results locales.


Betgames are quick becoming one of South Africa’s #1 internet games. Made by Betgames.Tv and at first marked as Betgames Africa, the games have since been presented by bookmakers under the Betgames name. Most well known South African bookies will offer the games, and we’ll clarify how these work;

What are BetGames?

BetGames are a fun and invigorating approach to play online that consolidate conventional fixed chances wagering with lottery and club style games. BetGames has become unbelievably famous in South Africa as a result of the fact that it is so natural to play on your cell phone.

Live BetGames draws happen each 3-5 minutes, so in contrast to the South African National Lottery, you never need to stand by long to win again. These fortunate draws are additionally streamed internet, carrying a fun and engaging angle to all the activity!

What Kinds of BetGames Can I Play?

Betgames incorporate an assortment of draws, for example, Lucky 5, Lucky 6, Lucky 7 just as Wheel of Fortune, Dreamcatcher and Dice. Additionally take a stab at club games which incorporate Poker, Roulette, Baccarat, and some more! Envision having a good time games you can play in a gambling club directly in the palm of your hand… well that is conceivable with BetGames!

Where to play Betgames?

On Sportingbet, you can play Lucky 5, Lucky 6 and Lucky 7, or more Dreamcatcher, Wheel of Fortune, Roulette and that’s just the beginning. Register today and guarantee your 100% first store match reward up to R2000.

On Betway, you can play Lucky 5, Lucky 6, Lucky 7, or more Dice, Poker, Baccarat, Wheel of Fortune and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Register today and guarantee your R25 free bet (no store required).

On Hollywoodbets, you can play Lucky 5, Lucky 6, Lucky 7, or more Speedy 7, Wheel of Fortune, Dice, War of Bets and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Register today and guarantee your R25 join reward.

On Gbets, you can play Lucky 5, Lucky 6, Lucky 7, or more War of Bets, Poker, Baccarat, Lucky Wheel, Dice Duel and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Register today and guarantee your 100% first store match reward up to R1000.

On World Sports Betting, you can play Lucky 5, Lucky 6, Lucky 7, Dice and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Register today and guarantee your first store reward up to R10 000 when utilizing the voucher code BSB001.

For more data, visit our devoted BetGames page or survey this convenient aide we set up to assist you with playing Betgames online like a professional!

Fortunate Numbers

Fortunate Numbers wagering is like playing the lottery with the exception of you have a lot more opportunities to win. With Lucky Numbers, you have a bigger number of choices accessible than picking every one of the triumphant numbers. You can likewise wager on 1, 2, 3 or 4 unique numbers to be drawn, high or low numbers, single digit numbers, the shade of the ball, and significantly more.

Some famous Lucky Numbers games you can play are the South African Lotto, UK49s, Spanish Daily (with or without a lift), Euro Millions and Euro Jackpot. With a few draws occurring day by day there is consistently a wagered to be had, and a portion of the chances on offer for the balls are excellent. This Lucky Numbers wagering guide will assist you with seeing precisely how to place and win your next bet.

Instructions to Play Lucky Numbers

Figuring out how to play fortunate numbers is speedy and simple whenever you’ve dominated a couple of essentials. There are various wagering alternatives accessible to you when playing Lucky Numbers. The easiest bet you can make is to anticipate one number (somewhere in the range of 1 and 52) that will be attracted your preferred lottery.

You will win 5x your stake if your number is drawn. It doesn’t make any difference the number of different players likewise pick your number, you generally win a similar measure of cash! Fortunate number payouts are generally as follows;

Foresee two numbers (somewhere in the range of 1 and 52): Win 52x your stake if both your numbers are drawn

Anticipate three numbers (somewhere in the range of 1 and 52): Win 400x your stake if every one of your numbers are drawn

Anticipate four numbers (somewhere in the range of 1 and 52): Win 3000x your stake if every one of your numbers are drawn

*Above rewards depend on the South African Lotto and fluctuate contingent upon which draw you bet on.

Wagering on the Bonus Ball

A few bookmakers offer wagering on the reward ball and we will take a gander at a portion of the wagers you can put;

Wagering on the reward is the point at which you anticipate number of reward ball: You remain to win 47x your stake if your number is drawn, making it an extremely famous market with punters.

Foresee High (26-52) or Low (1-24) reward ball: Win 2x your stake in the event that you surmise accurately

(Number 25 is in the center and considers a misfortune).

Foresee single-digit reward ball: Win 4x your stake if the reward ball is numbers 1-9.

Where to wager on fortunate numbers?

Numerous bookies today have Lucky Numbers wagering to supplement their games offering. We’ve furnished a rundown of administrators with the most far reaching scope of fortunate numbers wagering choices accessible.

Betway South Africa

With more than 160+ nearby and worldwide Lucky Numbers games, Betway is one of the undisputed forerunners in Lucky Numbers wagering in South Africa. Intriguing wagers you can make incorporate the Draw Sum market which permits wagering on the all out number when every one of the balls are added together, just as regardless of whether that complete number will be odd or even. Peruse more with regards to Betway’s Lucky Numbers here.


Playbet are one more industry pioneer in Lucky Numbers wagering. They offer everything from the South African Lotto to day by day and week after week attracts the US, Europe and Asia. The site has a simple to-utilize interface with a convenient commencement clock ticking down until the following draw.

Dream Guides for Lucky Numbers

Numerous South African punters utilize a fantasy manual for assist with changing over their fantasies into numbers, which they will then, at that point play on the web. We have a famous fortunate numbers dream guide with many numbers to help you discover what to play from your fantasies, give it a read on the off chance that you’d prefer to find out about how the aides work.

Live Games and Casino Games

Club games, referred to in South Africa as Live Games, have considered a to be ascend in prevalence as these games have been authorized for South Africa. There are just a modest bunch of games that we can appreciate right now however luckily the ones we do have are the absolute best on offer.

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher is a fortunate wheel style live game where players need to foresee where the wheel will stop. There are a few multipliers that can build your rewards and wagering begins from just R1 at certain bookmakers.

Restraining infrastructure Live

The Monopoly Live game is similiar to Dream Catcher however with a reward game that can pay out a lot greater multipliers, prompting some eye watering payouts. The game is unimaginably famous abroad and there are a few Youtube recordings of players hitting enormous successes.

Online Roulette

Online roulette is currently legitimate in South Africa and a few bookmakers are offering it. There are 5 distinct roulette games at present accessible, Resorts Atlantic City, Casino Malta, Hippodrome, Grand Casino and Dragonara. There’s likewise the ridiculously well known lightning roulette, where arbitrary numbers on the wheel get monstrous lifts. These are live streamed straightforwardly from the gambling club and they are an impact to play on portable. We have a few Betting Guides for online roulette should you need to peruse more.

All the more Live Games

There are a few other live games that we didn’t list over, these incorporate Lightning Dice, Deal or No Deal and a couple of others. Betway have a wide choice of live games and we suggest examining what they have to bring to the table. For more data, see our Betway Live Games post.

Sportstake and Soccer Pool Betting

Sportstake 8 and Sportstake 13 are famous soccer wagering pools accessible from the National Lottery and TAB. These games are very unique in relation to your conventional web based wagering, and punters can play them both on the web and at specific stores. There is even a game called Soccer 15, where you need to pick 15 champs from 30 apparatuses, an intense ask however the prize pools are typically exceptionally high.

We post week after week Sportstake 13 hints, Sportstake 8 Tips just as tips for Soccer 10 and different pools. In case you are hoping to check pool wagering out its value having a perused our aides in case you are searching for the most recent installations or results.

Begin today!

We trust you tracked down our across the board Ultimate Betting Guide a valuable asset to assist you with beginning! We’re generally here to respond to any of your inquiries regarding wagering and couldn’t imagine anything better than to hear any input you have. Hit us up in the remarks area beneath and we’ll hit you up in a hurry.

How profitable is live betting?Live betting, also known as in-play betting, has gained popularity in recent years among bettors due to its dynamic and interactive nature. It allows bettors to place wagers on sports events that are happening in real-time, making it an exciting and fast-paced form ofgambling. However, the profitability of live betting can vary greatly depending on various factors.One of the key factors that can impact the profitability is the betting appsor platforms used.Many Indian betting sitesoffer live betting options, but the odds and markets offered may differ across platforms. It’s crucial for bettors to compare odds and choose reputable betting sites to maximize their potential profits.Another factor to consider is the level of expertise and knowledge of the bettor. Live betting requires quick decision-making and a deep understanding of the sport. Without proper research and analysis, it can be challenging to make informed bets, which may result in losses.Moreover, live betting can also be more volatile compared to pre-match betting, as odds can change rapidly based on the game’s progress. This can present both opportunities and risks for bettors, making it essential to carefully manage risks and have a disciplined betting strategy.

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